Solar Panel & Skylight Cleaning

If you’re a proud owner of a Photo Voltaic Solar System, you’d definitely want to be taking advantage of all the solar energy that you can harvest… but did you know that dust, pollen mould, bird droppings and lichen growth can dramatically reduce the efficiency of solar panels?

Gutters Uncluttered also specialises in solar panel cleaning, and has the equipment, and the know-how, to safely clean your solar panels, and to also check them for any defects or damage, keeping your solar investment in great shape. We offer Solar Panel Cleaning in Rosebud and across the Mornington Peninsula.

Skylight Cleaning Solar Panel Cleaning

Generally an annual clean with water and a soft brush is enough to keep panels operating at a high level. So please make sure when booking your gutter clean that you let us know if you have any solar panels, so we can attend to them alongside maintaining your gutters.

The price of solar panel cleaning when combined with your gutter clean typically ranges between $5 and $10 per panel, depending on access to the panels, and also how dirty they are.

The same applies for skylight cleaning, and solar hot water heater cleaning.

Skylight Cleaning Solar Panel Cleaning
Skylight Cleaning Solar Panel Cleaning
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