During the whole gutter cleaning process a great amount of care is taken to ensure worker safety, and also to prevent any damage to your roof.

We use the latest in magnetic rubber-soled shoe technology for extra grip, and install temporary anchor points and fall prevention systems when required. We use only custom made PVC vacuum end tools (no metal), eliminating the risk of scratching the painted surface of your roof and gutters. If a roof is deemed too dangerous to access safely, we also have high-reach, carbon fibre vacuum poles that can easily clean your gutters from the safety of the ground.

House Maintenance Services Gutter Cleaning Services

Take a look at our Professional Gutter Cleaning & House Maintenance Services

Highly specialised, safe and professional gutter cleaning leaving your entire guttering system clear of debris and free to flow with water as it should.

We can revitalise your colourbond or laserlite roof, bringing it back to looking almost new again with our highly affordable roof cleaning service.

Keep your driveway drains free of dirt, leaves, stones or mulch from nearby garden beds, blocking them up to allows smooth runoff water from your property.

If the exterior of your gutters and house are dirty, dusty or covered in black mould then have us pressure clean your house to have it looking sparkling new.

Did you know that dust, pollen mould, bird droppings and lichen growth can dramatically reduce the efficiency of solar panels?

We specialise in rainwater harvesting system maintenance for those who live in one of the areas of the Peninsula where there is no mains water.

Utilizing our truck mounted vacuum systems and powerful pressure cleaner, if you are experiencing troublesome build-up of bird waste on your roof, we can assist on cleaning this up too.

Our extensive experience in commercial gutter and roof cleaning services means we know exactly what is required to get the job done safely and efficiently, while complying with all height safety regulatory requirements.

If you have gutter mesh installed, we will need to attend the property and have a close look at the situation to determine the most cost effective gutter maintenance solution for you.

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