Q: Will you leave a mess?

A: Absolutely not, on the contrary we will leave your house and surrounds cleaner than they were when we arrived. Guaranteed. All debris collected from your gutters will be collected on our trucks and removed from your property to be deposited in the green waste at the local tip. We are professional cleaners after all, so the last thing we would want is for you to have to clean up after us!

Q: How do you clean the gutters?

A: We employ a few different techniques for cleaning gutters, depending on the situation. Sometimes we will work with a vacuum from on the ground, but mostly with a vacuum from on the roof. Occasionally from the top of a ladder or with a water hose to move debris that may be inaccessible with the vacuum. Each job is assessed for risk and practicality before work commences to determine the safest and most efficient method of achieving the best results.

Q: How much does gutter cleaning cost?

A: Our rates for domestic gutter cleaning can range from $120 + GST for a small unit, to over $600 + GST for a multi-level mansion. The average total cost for domestic gutter cleaning is around $200, sometimes less, sometimes more. See our pricing guide for a more detailed estimate based on your house size.

Q: How long will it take to clean the gutters?

A: The average time taken to clean a regular single-storey 3 bedroom house is around 1 hour.

Q: Do I need to be home for you to clean the gutters?

A: Usually, no. We won’t need access inside your house at all, but we will need vehicle access to the driveway, and sometimes pedestrian access around the house, so if you have locked front or side gates, these will need to be left open for us.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: We will send a tax invoice to your email address, along with ‘before and after’ photos once the job is completed. This invoice will have our bank account details on it so you can transfer payment directly to our account. Our payment terms are 14 days. If you don’t use email and internet banking, cash or a cheque is fine too.

Q: How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

A: This depends mostly on the size, type and vicinity of the trees around your house. Here is a rough guide based on a few different situations:

No trees nearby… – Every two years to prevent blockages from grass growing in the sludge that builds up over time from dust and bird droppings.

A few small trees around… and leaves. – Once every year to prevent blockages from built up sludge. 

A few large trees around… leaves, flowers, sticks and sludge.  – Twice a year to prevent blockages caused by a build up of tree debris.

Very large trees nearby… by a build up of decaying leaf matter, flowers, sticks and sludge. – Three times per year, to prevent blockages caused.

Gutters Uncluttered will assess the debris in your gutters and the trees around your home during your first gutter clean, and then make a recommendation for an effective gutter cleaning schedule tailored to suit your home and surrounding trees.

Q: What do you do with the stuff you take out of the gutters?

A: It comes with us on the truck, and is dropped off in the green waste section at the local tip.

Q: What if I have mesh, or ‘gutter guard’ on my gutters?

A: In this case, we will inspect the condition of your gutters below the mesh by taking photos through the mesh to see what’s
underneath. Sometimes it is possible to pressure wash the gutters through the mesh without creating blockages in the downpipes, but often the mesh will need to be lifted up so as to remove soil and large chunks of moss and or grass or
plant roots and the like. Unfortunately, mesh can not only be expensive to install, but expensive to maintain as well. In some cases it can be worth lifting, cleaning and reinstalling the mesh, and in other cases it is better to just remove the mesh permanently and go back to regular gutter cleaning.

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